Beauty solutions from cosmetics to plastic surgery

Esthetic facial treatments


  • Refreshed or well-rested appearance, not an artificial “frozen” look.
  • Lunchtime procedure: it takes only 15 minutes.
  • Excellent prevention of wrinkle formation.
  • This material is injected to the mimic muscles responsible for wrinkles. It inhibits neurotransmission between nerve ends and muscles, resulting in smoothing wrinkles.

Treated areas: forehead, the area between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes and lips, neck. Besides face-lifting it can be used for the treatment of hyperhydrosis of the armpits, palms and feet. It relieves muscle spasm of the neck and back very effectively.

This treatment is a relatively simple procedure since it takes only 15 minutes and the patient may even return to work afterwards. But it takes a good practice and a lot of experience to get the best result with minimum risk. The effect takes 4-7 days to develop, and the best result should be seen in 4 weeks. The effect of this treatment usually lasts for 6 months. The treatment can be repeated over and over.

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Face (and body) contouring with bio-absorbable thread takes 1-1,5 hours. The intervention happens without pain with the help of local anaesthesia (cream), after that you can return to your activities, there’s no recovery time. 3 months later control examination is suggested. If there’s a need for further threads on the treated area in order to achieve much perfect results, correction is possible during the control.

This is a 3 in 1, revitalizing, skin renewing, contouring method with thin bio-absorbable thread. This technique lifts the hanging skin, gives back the natural contour of the face or any other parts of the body. It is ideal for face lift, eyebrow lift, rejuvenating the middle and the lower parts of the neck and even it can slenderize and tighten the hanging skin of other parts of the body.The most essential difference compared to the techniques with non-absorbable thread is that the intervention can be done without cutting; there is no risk that thread tears itself away, a thread is much tensed or the woofs are over tightened. The muscles don’t have to be removed from their place when the doctor places the threads in the skin; the threads are visible neither during the treatment nor after. There’s no recovery time, the intervention can be done as a lunch time one, you can return immediately to your activities after the treatment. There’s no complications or they occur rarely, however, it is possible to have a small haemorrhage.

Bio- and antimicrobial threads which are similar to the absorbable seams have anti-aging effect. The intervention happens with PGA (polyglycolic acid) multifilament and PDO (polidoxanon) monofilament threads. Contouring with bio-absorbable thread has three effects on the skin.
1. Contouring – face thinning, evolving the ideal triangular shape, upper arm without tension, hanging skin of the face, neck (also dewlap), breasts, belly, buttocks, thighs, calves.
2. Skin rejuvenation – pin and bio-threads cause micro-injuries on the skin, as a result of this own cell production rises, the consequence of this is that the skin becomes much tighter. Starting up the elastic fibers and collagen production renew the skin.
3. Anti-aging – bio-absorbable threads repair the microcirculation of blood, which slows the aging process of the cells.The intervention can be repeated after 1,5-2 years, while it affects continuously and after 2 years visible ruin won’t be on the treated area. The effect of the bio-absorbable threads doesn’t go away because it operates the cells intensively from the first moment. As a result of this newer elastic fibers and collagen are produced thereby the treated skin will be contoured and stay young.

Contouring with bio-absorbable thread has a suggested additional intervention, it is filling with hyaluronic acid or own fat. Thanks to the excellent water binding effect of hyaluronic acid, own fat, stem cells and growth factor we suggest this treatment for parts, where contour can be more beautiful with a small amount of filling material or if we would like to increase, refill the subsided fat. For example in case of the circles below the eyes, filling face.

Why should you choose contouring with bio-absorbable thread?

  • It lifts the hanging skin.
  • It outlines the face.
  • It uses 100 % bio-materials.
  • It can be used on face and other parts of the body (neck, arm, breasts, belly, waist, top of the hip, upper and lower leg).
  • The effect of it takes 1,5-2 years.
  • There is minimal pain.
  • There’s no recovery time, it doesn’t hinder your activities.
  • Intervention without cutting, there will be no scar.
  • The risk of bleeding is minimal.
  • It can be combined with other treatments like filling with hyaluronic acid, PRP Dracula therapy, dermapen, laser treatments, chemical peeling.













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Our facial fat transfer treatments can achieve exceptional results in liberating you from facial wrinkles, circles around your eyes and even from sunken scars. In addition to filling up wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, we also work with own fat. We recommend filling with own fat to those who would like to have their face filled with their own cells and tissues, or whose face requires a larger quantity of filler in order to be formed. As a result of fat transfer to wrinkles with own fat, the skin regains its natural youth, and stem cells in the fat have curing effects. During facial fat transfer a large amount of own fat can be filled into the face, thanks to which your skin will no longer be sagging.

What results can be expected from the facial fat transfer intervention?
Circles and deep creases under the eyes become invisible,
Wrinkles around the eyes soften,
The depth of the so-called nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) decreases,
Sunken scars – typically caused by pimples – disappear.
We can also slightly change the form of the face by facial filling; we can emphasize the cheekbones and enlarge the lips. In addition, the proportions of the face can also be reinstalled by facial filling, and not only in the case of the elder generation.
This intervention is also suitable for removing the thick veins and the resulting unevenness on the surface of the back of the hand, while in the case of lip augmentation, the small wrinkles on the lips smoothen, asymmetric shapes can be corrected and lips become fuller.

During facial fat transfer, fat is suctioned from the surface of the belly button, belly or inner thighs after examination by a plastic surgeon and thorough consideration. After applying local anaesthetic, maximum 10 ml can be removed with manual suction, which is carried out with a cannula needle after making a small pinpoint on the skin. The same method is used in the case of filling, after cleaning the fat thoroughly.
Facial fat transfer is therefore carried out simply, within the framework of outpatient care. The surgery takes about 1-1,5 hours, depending on whether the lips, the vicinity of the eyes or the whole face is filled. After the intervention, the area filled with own fat will be a little bit puffy for a few days, until the fat arranges itself in tissues. In time, fat gets absorbed a little, and therefore the intervention may be repeated to achieve the final results, if the patient feels the need for it. It may be necessary to repeat the intervention every 1-1.5 years, which depends on many physiological effects, too.

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Skin ageing starts during our late twenties, thus it may be advisable to start using the treatment at this age.
We recommend this treatment for those who already discovered the first signs of ageing on their skin:

  • small, deep wrinkles on the skin,
  • dull, lifeless skin,
  • sensitive skin.

During hydrobalance treatment, the skin is rejuvenated with high-concentration cross-linked hyaluronic acid used for filling wrinkles. Using a so-called automatic injection pen, we inject tiny hyaluronic acid pearls into the middle layers of the skin gently and painlessly, which are inaccessible to creams and surface treatments. These hyaluronic acid pearls act as a reserve between skin layers: in the short term, they provide an intense and long-lasting hydration for the skin, as the weight of hyaluronic can bind up to a thousand times its weight in water, while in the long run they stimulate collagen production in the middle layers of the skin and restore the skin’s water balance. Hydrobalance treatments are quite time-efficient as they only take 30 minutes. It can be applied on the face, neck, décolletage, back of the hand. We also provide appropriate anaesthesia before the treatment, if necessary.

What are the results?

The skin is hydrated from the inside and becomes more energetic, ensures a firmer, younger skin, reduces wrinkles.
Slows down and prolongs the ageing process by driving the skin’s own collagen and elastin production.
A significant change in the treated areas can be observed right after the first treatment. For a long-term effect, the treatment shall be repeated over three sessions every 2-3 weeks. Later on, the frequency of treatments can be reduced to 1-2 months, then to six months. Hyaluronic acid absorbs completely within 1-3 months, making treatment results more spectacular.

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What types of lips can be corrected remarkably with lip augmentation?

  • Thin lower and upper lips: It can be congenital or the lips may have lost their fullness because of aging or smoking.
  • Ultra-thin upper lip: The upper lip is the first to loose its fullness. The distance between the nose and lips increases. It gives and elderly appearance. The good news is that in this case the upper lip needs to be augmented only.
  • Ultra-thin lower lip: A very sporadic case, we hardly see any of them. The lower lip needs to be augmented only.
  • Irregular lip contours: The right or left side asymmetry can be nicely corrected with lip augmentation on both lower and upper lip.

Lip augmentation must be preceded by a medical consultation. During the consultation your physician checks the shape of your lips, the flexibility of your skin and tells you what result can be reasonably expected. You shall give him account of your previous lip augmentations (if any), the date and the method of the intervention. There are differences between hyaluronic acids considering their durability and quality. Lip augmentation is performed using dental anesthesia without any pain. Hyaluronic acid is injected in the lips with very fine needles. After the treatment the lips will be swollen and a bit sensitive in the next 24 hours. The swelling may be decreased with cooling. The sensitivity of your lips will not be lost after lip augmentation. Sunbathing, the use of a solarium or sauna is not recommended for 48 hours following lip augmentation!

What kinds of products are used for lip augmentation?

There are absorbable and non-absorbable products. The benefit of the non-absorbable or permanent product is that there is no need to refill them regularly on the other hand they are not bio-degradable. Afterwards there is an increased chance of granulomas, inflammatory nodules. Granulomas may even develop 5 years after the lip augmentation with non-absorbable product. The removal of granulomas –if possible- implies a serious challenge to the plastic surgeon. Absorbable products are much safer. The benefit of the reversible materials is that they degrade in 6-12 months. So they have much less long term side effects! It means this is a safer method. If you change your mind and want another shape for your lips or don’t want augmented lips at all then your lips will resume their original shape in one year after the product is eliminated from your body. The disadvantage is that the intervention has to be repeated in every 6-12 months.

Lip augmentation is contraindicated if you take any of the following medications or suffer from the following diseases: taking or having taken isotretionin in the last 6 months, an increased chance of keloids has been reported, collagen disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, dental infection or infection of the oral cavity, herpes labialis.

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  • Recovers elasticity of the skin with natural agents,
  • You will have a brighter, smoother, younger skin,
  • recommended as a prevention or for rejuvenation also,
  • available for everybody, between the age of 18 and 75 and being in relatively good health.

What is mesotherapy used for?
->Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation
This therapy is called mesolift. Clean hyaluronic acid, homeopathic agents, vitamins are injected in the skin of face, hand, neck and décolletage. This increases the metabolism of cells and stimulates the own collagen and elastic fibers of conjunctive tissue. A healthier, more elastic and juvenile skin is the final result of mesotherapy. This technique is able to decrease effectively the number of wrinkles and prevent the formation of more wrinkles. Many patients start mesotherapy in the middle of their twenties concentrating on prevention, while others use it only when they are growing old. Active agents are chosen depending on age then injected in the skin. 3-6 treatments are suggested every 2 weeks, then a maintenance therapy in the 3rd and 4th month.

->Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy
“Orange peel” on thigh and buttocks is treated by the stimulation of conjunctive tissue.
The active agents are injected in with a very fine needle, almost without pain, and they decrease the size of fat cells and dissolve them. Venous and lymphatic circulation is increased helping to remove fat cells and excess interstitial fluid. Usually mesotherapy should be repeated 10-15 times, once a week to have a proper result.

->Elimination of local fat deposits
Everybody has body regions where fat remains despite sport and gymnastics (chin, upper arm, hip, stomach, inner side of the knee). Unfortunately sometimes you are unable to achieve a final result even with liposuction.
The active agents are injected in the adipose tissue with a very fine needle, almost without pain, and they decrease the size of fat cells and the dissolved fat is removed from the body by the stimulated local circulation through kidneys and intestines. The result of mesotherapy is a 4-10 cm thinner body region. All parts of the body can be treated with it where less adipose tissue is desired locally. The efficiency of mesotherapy is equal to liposuction without the risk of sedation, which means you don’t have to stay in a hospital for even one night.

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  • Scientifically recognized method of skin rejuvenation,
  • brings back you original features,
  • completely natural method, there’s no strange material, electronic or laser machine,
  • distortion or overcompensation can’t occur (for example overfilling at wrinkle fillers),
  • perfectly safe and entirely natural procedure – no risk of allergy or any reaction, because we get back the plasma separated from your own blood!

The skin rejuvenating method is not unknown in the medicine. The blood plasma which includes numerous, platelets, stem cells and growth factors has already been used successfully in many therapeutic areas: in case of nerve fibers-, heart- and bone injuries to increase the regenerating processes or oral surgeons use it to redound the infiltration of the bone complementary grafts.
The medical title of this method is PRP therapy (platelet-reach plasma) while PRP which is used for skin rejuvenation was authorized as MyCells in September 2009.MyCells/Dracula/PRP therapy is the newest minimal invasive skin rejuvenating medical-aesthetic solution. MyCells method means your own blood transplantation which is squished from the blood vessels to another woof of the body (not just to the face but to the scalp, the skin of the breasts, belly, arms, thigh and bottoms) after they separated the plasma from the RBC and concentrated the platelets in the plasma with the help of a special test tube and the „Z-gel”.Platelets are important because they start up to release the growth factors and cytokines which have key roles in the vascularity, building processes and the woof regeneration of the concrete region.
The receptor proteins which are beside the growth factors support the cells of the woof matrix and redound the forming of the new connective tissue.
In the platelet-rich plasma other proteins can be found like fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin have an impacting molecular cell role which are quite important in the process of wound healing.During Dracula therapy a complex recovery process starts where the body uses its own substances. In the treated skin surface the synthesis of its own protein starts up and the young collagen and elastin fibres create a more flexible, younger and hydrated skin surface. Not just the smaller wrinkles or scarred craters smoothen but deeper pittings – for example pit under the eyes, woof lack over the cheekbones, ditch around the nose and marionette-groove can be hidden after some (2-3) treatments.
It is good for tightening the flaccid, hanging skin.
The treatment is available not just on the face but numerous areas of the body, even on the scalp, too.
Dracula-therapy is able to give back the patient’s 8-10 years before facial features and rejuvenate the skin without using a scalpel. It is suitable for rejuvenating the neck, the décolletage, the hand and the skin of the belly, the legs and the bottoms beside the region of the face. PRP therapy can be combined with other medical-aesthetic solutions like wrinkle filling (hyaluronic acid, calciumhydroxyl-appatit, bioactive fillers), with fractionated laser treatments, face sculpture or other nutri-hydrating cosmetic treatments.

How do we do Dracula/PRP therapy?

  • We draw blood with a special test tube which includes „Z-gel”.
  • From the donated blood we separated the plasma from the red blood cells with a centrifugal.
  • We squish back the platelet-rich plasma to the skin with a mesotherapic needle / For the patients who are afraid of pin-prick there’s an opportunity to use dermapen which causes just a minimal unpleasant feeling with its tiny needle cylinder, then we massage your own concentrated plasma through the generated tubules.
  • After the intervention we treat the skin surface with a soothing, cooling mask.
  • After needle mesotherapy you can feel some puncture point for 1-2 days that’s why it’s recommended to take part in the treatment in the second part of the week.

Before and after Dracula therapy it is suggested to take C-vitamin (around 1000 mg/day) for 7 days and the regenerating process can be supported locally with vitamin-rich and hyaluronic acid-rich cosmetic products.

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Lifting, firming and rejuvenation in one treatment, for anyone regardless of gender and age, all year round! Pain free and minimal recovery time! 

This technology allows face contouring with firming, in any season of the year, guaranteeing a healing process that is faster and less painful than ever before. Micro-needles deliver radio-frequency impulses into the middle layer of the skin, efficiently enhancing collagen and elastin production. Thanks to this, it restores the consistency and firmness of the facial skin with spectacular results, without surgery and with minimal injuries on the surface. Results can be seen as soon as after the first treatment, however, for long-lasting effects it is advisable to perform 3 treatments, as minimum 2 months are necessary for the own collagen synthesis of the skin to be improved. This way can maximum results be achieved.

Radio-frequency (RF) technology:

  • unites in itself the advantages of already known fractional laser, IPL and traditional radio-frequency methods, and also has a lifting and firming effect;
  • has a smaller volume replacing effect;
  • makes the skin surface smoother;
  • reduces wrinkles, firms the skin and improves its texture;
  • pales pigment spots as well as scars caused by pimples and other smaller scars, reduces the size of pores and mitigates fat production;
  • it can be used with exceptional results for the firming of the sagging skin of the neck, décolletage, upper arm, the back and belly.

In which cases is ScarLet(R) RF treatment and intervention recommended to you?The treatment reverses the process of the ideal V-shaped face becoming A-shaped, and therefore it can be recommended also in a younger age;

  • if lifting with hyaluronic acid would be early but a little volume replacement would make your skin fresh-looking;
  • if your facial skin is sagging, mostly in the vicinity of the jaw, cheeks and chin;
  • if your skin is oily or your pores are large;
  • if you would like to soften your surface wrinkles or make your neck wrinkles disappear;
  • if you wish to make the vicinity of the eyelids or eyebrows firmer;
  • if you have scars caused by pimples or other surface scars, which you would like to make paler.

An interesting and at the same time revolutionarily new effect of the ScarLet RF treatment is that it can also replace volume, as can the already known and deservedly popular hyaluronic acid facial lifting technique–although, of course, in a smaller extent. The ScarLet RF treatment, too, can stop and reverse the process of the skin becoming A-shaped instead of the ideal V-shape, that is, that the skin starts to sag in the direction of the jaws. A more spectacular face contouring, and even the changing of the shape of the face can be achieved with FTC bio-absorbing sutures or, in a later age, with SilhouetteSoft sutures, or the ScarLet RF treatment can be combined with either hyaluronic acid filling or absorbing sutures.

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  • Facelift without surgery and scars: immediate lifting effect!
  • Lifting and regenerating with long lasting effect: 1,5-2 years!

Above 40 years the middle and lower parts of the elderly face become sagging, loose of their volume and this makes people conscious of the passing of time even more strongly. From the ideal V-shape, the face takes up an A-shape as the result of the aging process. Thanks to the bidirectional absorbable sutures of Silhouette Soft(TM) and the absorbable cones on such sutures, this process can be reversed and you can get back your younger, fresher features without surgical intervention and cuts, in only 40 minutes. Changes into an A-shape can be observed as early as at 30 years, for which we recommend bio sutures as a way of prevention or to make face contours more definite, while at an elder age, the more durable Silhouette Soft (TM) sutures with cones. This technique, having triple – regenerating, anti-aging and lifting – effects and considered as a novelty, lifts sagging skin, elevates the middle part of the face with its lifting effect, and gives the face back its natural contours. It is therefore ideal for face lifting and for the rejuvenation of the neck and the middle and lower parts of the face.

Why should you choose Silhouette Soft(TM) sutures?

  • It can lift the sagging skin and give volume to the face again;
  • Sutures absorb in a 100%;
  • It involves only a slight pain; we carry out the procedure with local anaesthesia;
  • The intervention takes only 40 minutes,
  • It is an intervention without cuts or scars;
  • It is safe, effective and long-lasting;
  • It is recommended to combine it with other treatments such as treatment with hyaluronic acid or facial filling with own fat or ScarLet RF treatment.

One of the absorbing sutures is Silhouette Soft(TM). The most important difference compared to already known techniques using non-absorbent sutures (e.g. Aptos, Silhouette Lift(TM)) is that the intervention can be performed without cutting the skin. There is no risk that the suture tears or tissues get too tight due to over-pulling of the threads, which may be apparent also on the skin surface. There is no need to move muscles so that the doctor can place the sutures in the skin, and sutures are not visible either during the treatment or later. Side effects are not typical. Haemorrhages may appear rarely.

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  • Intensively moisturized, healthy radiant skin,
  • improves skin firmness, elasticity and structure,
  • for every skin type,
  • for both men and women,
  • quick procedure – reliable and effective.

The Skin Booster hyaluronic acid treatment intensely hydrates the skin from the inside. In consequence, it enhances its elasticity and structure, gradually making the skin younger. We inject the cross-linked hyaluronic acid directly into the middle layer of the skin, which the hydrating creams cannot reach. Thus, it is capable of withholding water in an amount that is a 1000 times its own weight. Applied on tired skin, the Skin Booster hyaluronic acid treatment creates a hydrating reservoir under the skin, which restores the hydrobalance of the skin. Ordinary hyaluronic acid fillings restore the natural volume of the face and the fat-tissues which decrease during the aging process. The Skin Booster differs from these, because it makes the skin itself younger: it hydrates its middle layer from the inside, which produces the elastic fibers, keeping your skin young. Thus, it remains radiant and hydrated. The Skin Booster guarantees a more refined result, because it does not change the volume of the face; rather, it makes the condition and structure of your skin younger. The Skin Booster might be an ideal addition to hyaluronic facial sculpting, which ensures the youth of not only the shape of your face, but also the condition of your skin. Face, neck, décolletage, hands, lips can also be treated.Before the hyaluronic acid treatment, we apply an anesthetic cream on the area to be treated. During the treatment, we inject cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a fan-like pattern into the middle layer of the skin, with the use of an unpointed cannula. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is absorbed much slower than its regular counterpart; therefore, the resulting hydrated, healthy and radiant skin lasts longer. The treatment takes 15-20 minutes. In order to achieve obvious results, it is advised to repeat the treatment every 6 months. The result: natural, hydrated and radiant skin which lasts up to 6 months. The side effects of the treatment are rare and negligible.

What are the benefits of the Skin Booster hyaluronic acid treatment?

  • It serves the inner hydration of the skin,
  • Restores hydrobalance,
  • Improves skin elasticity and structure,
  • Increases skin “plumpness” and firmness,
  • Reduction in downtime between treatments,
  • Return to routine immediately after the treatment.

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  • Gently exfoliates the upper layer of the skin, eliminates imperfections on the surface,
  • Fresher, younger and smoother skin,
  • Quick and efficient treatment.

The materials used for chemical peels even out the skin and remove the skin’s damaged surface layer. In the place of the removed layer grows a natural, younger-looking and smooth skin. Peels can also be used to treat ingrown hairs, a frequent side-effect of hair removal. The treatment is completely pain-free, anaesthesia is not needed. You may experience a slight tingling sensation which will wear off shortly. The peel takes less than 30 minutes. We offer two different peeling procedures depending on the chemical substances used: glycolic acid peel and TCA peel.
During chemical peels, glycolic acid stimulates the natural peeling process and exerts cell renewing effects. Glycolic acid comes from natural sources e.g. cane sugar, pineapple, grapes and other fruits. Peeling with this method results in smoother, more radiant skin and you can resume to your everyday activities right after the treatment.
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels‎ are recommended for those who want to get rid of surface wrinkles or pigment spots. It removes age spots and is an excellent treatment for uneven skin surface. In order to achieve the desired result, the peel shall be repeated. Even after medium-depth chemical peels (35-45%), a recovery period of only 4-5 days is sufficient.At our centre, both trichloroacetic acid and phenol peels are performed by doctors with the appropriate qualifications according to prescriptions. All our specialists have extensive experience in the field of chemical peeling. Prior to the peel treatment, each patient is required to attend a personal consultation in order to assess the type of peel required for their skin type and expectations.

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Wrinkle fill is an injection technique where hyaluronic acid is injected in the skin with a fine needle that smoothes wrinkles, fills up lips and softens lines. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient of the human body that absorbs water, hydrates and fills up the skin. Regions where wrinkle fill is most frequently used: glabella (wrinkles between eyebrows), wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, nasolabial folds (wrinkle between the nose and lips) and the angle of mouth.

  • If you want get rid of the wrinkles on your face, neck, forehead or around the mouth,
  • If you want fuller lips with better defined contour,
  • If you have deep trenches and circles around your eyes,
  • If you have deep nasolabial fold (wrinkle from the nose to the lips),
  • If you have an depressed scar on your face you want to be corrected.

What result can be expected after wrinkle fill?

  • It decreases the depth of wrinkles, fills up and smoothes them,
  • The circle or trench below the eyes become unnoticeable,
  • Your lips will be fuller with a better defined contour,
  • Decreases the depth of nasolabial fold, and fills it up,
  • Fills up acne scars.

Wrinkle fill lasts for max. 30 minutes and aside from lip augmentation it is performed under local anaesthesia. The intervention can be repeated every 6 months as demanded.

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Provides skin smoothing as well as skin tightening, has a good lifting effect as well;
• skin rejuvenation without surface damages,
• long-lasting improvements in skin quality and texture,
• fast and prominently effective, with no side effects,
• the treatment is equally effective for women and men;
• it removes imperfections on the skin surface such as acne, scars, pigment spots, light wrinkles.

Gentle laser facial treatment is a perfect solution for removing imperfections, scars, pigment spots and light wrinkles on the skin surface. As a result of the effects of the laser light used in this innovative and gentle dermatological-cosmetological solution, collagen production increases even in the deeper layers of the skin, and so the texture of your skin can get significantly better and fresher. The treatment can be tailored to each patient, is rapid and exceptionally efficient, and the result can be achieved without damaging the skin surface – your skin becomes healthy and vibrant.

As a spectacular result of Gentle laser facial treatment

  • Skin texture improves: the skin becomes healthier and firmer;
  • Wrinkles smooth out, which results in a younger appearance;
  • The scars caused by pimples and other damages reduce;
  • Widened pores shrink;
  • Age spots and pigment spots on the skin surface fade.

Why is Gentle laser treatment better than other, traditional laser facial treatments?

  • It is a non-ablative method i.e. does not wound the skin;
  • Laser light warms up the skin in two depths, in a targeted and safe manner;
  • It achieves its effect by double firming;
  • Collagen synthesis significantly improves on the treated area, a new collagen network is formed;
  • As a result of the volume boosting effect, tissues get back their volume and the skin becomes firmer.

The skin firming effect can be seen as soon as after the first treatment, in 5 or 6 days, while the rejuvenating effect in four weeks. As the final results of the treatment, your skin becomes fresh, healthy, smoother and younger, nice to the touch. For long-lasting results, 3 to 5 treatments are necessary. Treatments can be repeated in every 4 to 6 weeks. This depends on the extension and size of the alterations, and the patient’s needs.

-> Prices BOOK NOW

  • Complete face 1st treatment 170 000 HUF
  • Complete face 2nd treatment 150 000 HUF
  • Complete face 3rd treatment 130 000 HUF
  • Complete face 3 treatments package 435 000 HUF
  • Complete face 5 treatments package 550 000 HUF
  • 1st treatment (forehead, or around the eyes, or around the mouth) 85 000 HUF
  • 2nd treatment (forehead, or around the eyes, or around the mouth) 65 000 HUF
  • 3rd treatment (forehead, or around the eyes, or around the mouth) 55 000 HUF
  • 3 treatments (forehead, or around the eyes, or around the mouth) 190 000 HUF
  • 5 treatments (forehead, or around the eyes, or around the mouth) 270 000 HUF


The damaged vascular tissue is removed by the body and is replaced by newly developed collagen. A clean skin, free of redness and rosacea is the result of the IPL-treatment (the treatment has an anti-wrinkle effect, too). The visible result takes about 4-6 weeks to develop. Sometimes the optimal result is achieved by a single treatment but in most of the cases more (2-3) treatments are required. 2-4 treatments are required in cases of diffuse facial erythemas. Rosaceas, age spots, spider angiomas, dilated capillaries, haemangiomas and telangiectasias can be all treated successfully with IPL-treatment. The method is safe and effective. The skin will get even color and an enhanced tone following the treatment.

Before IPL-treatment a medical consultation is needed to discuss the area of treatment and the expected results. It is followed by a test treatment to determine the effective dose required for the patient. A sun exposure of the treated area is undesirable 2 weeks prior to treatment. The use of a solarium or a self-tan product is not recommended either. If you use any glycolic acid face wash product, please discontinue it 1 week prior to IPL-treatment. You have to stop taking Roaccutane, Sotret, Aknenormin, or any other similar product at least 6 months prior to the treatment.


  • The treated area is cleaned.
  • The patient should wear eye protection against the strong light that may damage the eye.
  • The skin is covered with ultrasound gel. Sensitive patients may need local anesthetics before treatment. The predetermined most effective dose is used.
  • The IPL hand piece is put on the skin covered with gel. The skin is treated with the intense light without damaging the surrounding tissues. If the treatment is performed without the use of anesthetics a light pinch sensation is typical on the skin.
  • The skin is warm and a bit red for one hour following the IPL-treatment.
  • The gel is removed from the treated area and cooled using ice gel packs after the treatment. A cooling pack may also be applied if necessary.

Time of an IPL-treatment: Full face 1 hour, Chest 1 hour, Neck: 15 minutes. Treatments can be repeated in every 4 weeks if necessary.

A slight redness may be observed for a couple of hours following the treatment. The vessels may look temporarily darker and the face may be a bit swollen following the treatment. The collagen development takes weeks so the vessels may even regenerate weeks after the treatment. So it takes more time to evaluate the final result.
The areas of increased pigmentation first may look darker after the IPL-treatment. These pigments were in the skin layer that was brought to surface during the treatment, but it will disappear in a couple of days. The skin may look patchy for a couple of hours after the treatment but it can be covered with makeup. Sometimes, especially in cases of naturally darker skin, light or darker patches may be observed on the treated skin and it takes months for them to disappear.

The collagen-development is a relatively slow process, so the final result can be evaluated in 3 months after the last treatment. Sometimes the final result is seen much sooner.

What is not allowed during IPL-treatment?
The treated skin: shouldn’t be scratched, or be put in a hot bath in 24 hours after the treatment, coated with perfume, oil, deodorant or any other cream not recommended by your physician in 48 hours after the treatment. Swimming is not allowed in pools treated by chlorine in 24 hours after the treatment just like extreme physical activities in 24 hours after the treatment (sweating may irritate the treated skin). The skin should be covered in solarium for a couple of months. You will get the best result after the IPL-treatment if you don’t sunbathe at all.

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  • Nose and its surrounding 22 000 HUF
  • Nose and both sides of the face 38 000 HUF
  • Nose and both sides of the face plus areas of the forehead and chin 50 000 HUF
  • Nose and both sides of the face, areas of the forehead and chin plus areas of neck and décolletage 70 000 HUF



Hair mesotherapy procedures

Hair mesotherapy provides guaranteed remedy for hair diseases. Our hair and scalp are exposed to several effects in everyday life. Their condition is affected by environmental stress and the ageing process. Our hair and scalp form an integral part of our appearance, thus we need to take good care of them as in the case of the skin on our face and body.

Consequently, we recommend hair mesotherapy treatment as a proven medical remedy for treating scalp-related problems. With the help of the well-known needle mesotherapy method, we inject active agents into the scalp, where they can exert their effect in the most appropriate place.

The active agent used for mesotherapy may include the following:

  • Vitamin A, is a component of the skin, the lack of which results dry, coarse, fragmented hair
  • Vitamin B – plays a crucial role in regeneration
  • Vitamin C and vitamin E – with antioxidant effect
  • Vitamin H (biotin) to improve metabolism and regulate oil production
  • Dexpanthenol 20% responsible for the thickness of hair
  • Ginko-biloba increases congestion for a more effective absorption
  • Organic silica helps cell formation

We also apply other special complexes on the scalp during hair mesotherapy which are mixtures enriched with growth factors, hormones, minerals and hyaluronic acid.

Hair loss and hair mesotherapy

On a worldwide level, 40% of women and 50% of men suffer from hair loss. Hair loss for women means losing their “crown”, while men associate hair loss with ageing and the decrease in their sexual activity. MesoHair, a virtual, painless, vitamin, mineral and DHT-blocking cure effectively helps hair strengthening for women and treats baldness for men. The active agent used during mesotherapy restores the vitamins and minerals that are lost during the ageing process. Hair mesotherapy stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and increases the growth of hair follicles, as well as inserts the appropriate substances underneath the scalp, to the follicles through micro-injections. It increases the scalp’s blood circulation, helps the maintenance of its good condition and revitalizes follicles. It fosters the growth of hair, extends the scalp area, and stops hair loss. In the long run, this mesotherapeutic substance blocks hormone DHT, which may cause hair loss. Mesotherapy can also be successfully applied in case of women suffering from menopausal hair loss.

Treating greasy hair with hair mesotherapy

Hormonal changes, malnutrition or stress affecting the vegetative nervous system can cause significant hair greasing. Oil overproduction may result in the greasing of hair follicles which may decrease their nutrient absorption, and eventually, lead to hair loss. Also, the hair often has an oily, sticky feel and flattens easily. This kind of greasing can be treated with mesotherapy but a change in lifestyle is also required for a complete recovery. Our doctor and cosmetician helps select the appropriate active agents and, in case further medical examination is required, our gynecologists may also be involved.

Anti-dandruff protection

There are two types of dandruffs. One of them is of fungal, the other is of bacterial origin. The first is the so-called dry dandruff, while the other is known as oily dandruff. Psoriasis is incorrectly called dandruff, as its symptoms can be similar to dry dandruff. The symptoms of dry dandruff are the shedding of yellowish, greyish, whitish dandruff flakes from the scalp. In treating dry dandruff, flakes must be thoroughly removed from the scalp and hair, and the scalp must be sterilized and hydrated.

  • The symptoms of dry dandruff are yellowish-white, grey- and brown-toned, round dandruffs on the scalp and hair. It spreads through physical contact, thus combs, pillows and other objects contacting the hair must be sterilized. The treatments require carefully selected active agents. Seek medical help from our doctor!
  • Psoriasis is the result of a defective immune system. In this case, skin cells reproduce within 3-4 days instead of the regular, 28-day cycle, thus causing gathered skin layers on the scalp and any other point of the body. These areas may be under painful inflammation or bleeding. In this case, the mesotherapy treatment might not be the right solution. In consultation with a dermatologist, another type of treatment must be sought for recovering the skin’s condition.

Mesotherapy against dry, fragmented hair

The lack of oil production causes the dryness of hair and scalp and sometimes the flaking of scalp, along with coarse and fragmented hair. It can result from a severe chemical effect, e.g. dying or perm, sunlight, chlorine water, inappropriate hair care products, or internal problems e.g. hormonal issues or nutritional deficiency.

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Let us introduce our fibroblast cytokine complex treatment, a worldwide breakthrough with fibroblast cytokine complex as main active agent, which is crucial for cell regeneration. Stop your hair loss once and for all! Restore normal hair growth and regain your thick mane!

What is the active agent of fibroblast treatments?

Fibroblast cytokine complex, a biotechnologically developed worldwide novelty, consists of cytokines produced by a cell called fibroblast. Originally, fibroblasts are responsible for producing collagen fibres. In laboratory, cytokine – a natural protein responsible for cell division – is first extracted from fibroblast. Cytokines extracted through biotechnological means then act as growth factors in the regeneration process. The growth factor plays a key role in cell preservation (by preventing their loss) and the stimulation of new cell generation and growth. They can help the division and proliferation of new cells (e.g. the growth factor that facilitates vein formation, thus improving blood supply) or the movement of cells (e.g. fibroblast growth factor, FGF), and contribute to the healing of wounds (e.g. platelet-derived growth factor, PDGF) etc.

This fibroblast cytokine complex is biotechnologically produced as a result of front-line stem cell research. This is the highest-concentration, purest product manufactured from ingredients of pharmaceutical quality approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

How to treat hair loss with fibroblast cytokine complex?

Using medical substances developed specifically for hair and scalp treatment, our aim is to restore a healthy and normal hair growth cycle.

Patients must arrive for the treatment with freshly washed and blow-dried hair. We apply fibroblast cytokine complex, this new, revolutionary active agent, on the clean scalp using a special stamping technique. Through the injuries of the skin, the active agents can absorb better and produce more spectacular results than in the case of simple rubbing.

Fibroblast treatments can only be administered by dermatologists, preferably once a week over 5 weeks. To keep up results, the course of treatments shall be repeated every 1-2 months. One session takes 30 minutes, after which sweat-generating activities, e.g. sports or sauna, shall be avoided. No hair dying or hair wash is allowed within the next 24 hours, which may remove active agents from your scalp. Take special care of your scalp for a few days after the treatment using hats, headscarf, or staying in the shadow.


  • Hair loss treatment with fibroblast cytokine complex 50.000 HUF
  • 5 treatments package: 230.000 HUF BOOK NOW


PRP – Dracula therapy (with blood collection) is also available on hairy scalp! The price is 80 – 88 000 HUF