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Esthetic body treatments




Very short treatment, about 20 minutes,
Smooth and tight skin,
Long lasting effect within 1,5-2 month,
The safest and most effective solution,

• Painless,
• No recuperation,
• The treatment can be used on any area with cellulite.

With the help of the Alidya injectable cellulite dissolving treatment, anybody can proudly wear shorts, miniskirts and bikinis during the summer. There is no need to conceal the cellulite-ridden parts of your body. The Alidya treatment was developed by the same Italian plastic surgeon professor, Pasquale Motolese, who developed the Aqualyx fat dissolving injection.

What happens during a treatment?
According to the needs of the patient, before the treatment, an anesthetic cream may be applied to the surface of the treated area. During the treatment, a contra-cellulite active ingredient-cocktail is injected into the connective tissue of the skin with small punctures, at a depth of 4-6 mm. These active agents treat the reasons behind the cellulite, too, such as unsatisfactory microcirculation, deposited toxins, or tissue damage. The few little needle stings only reach the surface of the skin, therefore the treatment is almost completely painless. For maximum results, it is advised to undergo 7-12 treatments. The number of treatments also depends on individual needs and the extent of cellulite. The treatment only takes 20 minutes; therefore, you can easily resume your daily activities afterwards. The dissolution of the cellulite is to be repeated about a week later each time. Thus, in about 1,5-2 months, you can completely get rid of your cellulite. In order to achieve lasting results, it is advised to undergo a maintaining treatment 30 days after the procedure is completed. The treatment process might be repeated every year.

How does Alidya exert its effect?
• Restricts toxins and alkalinizes
• Enhances the lymphatic drainage of tissues
• Enhances the structure of the skin

After the treatment a slight rubefaction might appear on the treated area, which will vanish very shortly (within a few days). Please avoid the use of any cosmetics on the treated area for 12 hours and heavy physical exercises, sauna and sunbathing for a few days. 

-> Price: from 18.000 HUF BOOK NOW


• Simple, fast and effective treatment to remove fat pockets from your body
• No downtime, quick fix for body contouring and slimming
• 3-4 sessions for permanent results
• Below the chin, the whole body can be treated: jowl, stomach, hip, upper arm, thigh, knee.
Aqualyx is a medical injectable fat dissolution treatment, which is especially effective in the fight against localized cellulite. It contains lipase, which can naturally be found in the human body (bile acid), which when injected into the desired area, breaks down the wall of lipocytes. Thus, the freed fatty acid can leave the body naturally, through the lymphatic system and the liver. The fat dissolution is permanent; therefore, you can get rid of the dissolved fat for good. The fat leaves the body gradually, which means that the skin will have time to knit over the treated area, keeping it smooth, avoiding folds and sagginess. This is not so in the case of liposuction, which leaves the skin ragged and saggy after getting rid of bigger amounts of fat.About the treatment:

During the treatment, the agent is directly injected into the fat cells, with 2-4 injections per area. Since the agent also contains an anesthetic agent, the painfulness of the treatment is minimal. In the case of the Aqualyx fat dissolution treatment, low numbers dominate. A treatment is only 20-30 minutes long, and 3-4 occasions are enough to achieve lasting results. The treatment can be repeated every 3-4 weeks. Similarly to the treatment itself, the time required for regeneration is also very short. The slight swellings and small hematomas which might appear after the treatment will vanish in a couple of days. The Aqualyx fat dissolution treatment is perfectly safe and effective. To underline this with some proof, during 4 years of research and since its release, nobody highlighted any side-effect after the treatment.-> Price: from 66.000 HUF BOOK NOW


This procedure specifically targets the stubborn fat (called submental fat) that rests on the under side of the chin. This quick, non-invasive procedure restores a younger look to your face, and is effective at targeting fat that even diet and exercise cannot eliminate.
the treatment takes only a few minutes,
usually 2 treatments are required,
there are usually no side effects beyond bruising and swelling.

-> Price: 120.000 HUF/ampoule BOOK NOW


Primary axillary hyperhidrosis (PAH) is a chronic idiopathic disorder characterized by uncontrollable excessive sweating without a recognizable cause. Profuse sweating that accompanies PAH can result in skin maceration and secondary microbial infections. Treatment options for PAH include topical aluminum salts, systemic anticholinergics, various laser devices, and surgical interventions. The main limitations of the above-mentioned options are financial constraints, and transient results.

We offer 2 options:
1. Even final solution with Scarlet microneedle radiofrequency treatment
2. 6-10 month effective treatment with botox

Microneedle radiofrequency treatment
• It takes about 15 minutes after local anasthesia. .
• no pain killer is required,
• 50-100% effective,
• no sick holiday required

Treatment method:
3 sessions of FMR treatment carried out at 3-week intervals. Treatment results after 4 to 12 weeks, so sweating is reduced to normal or even below, to zero. The microneedle radiofrequency machine naturally destroys the sweat glands by heat dissipation, without damaging the surrounding tissues. The results show that microwave technology is perfectly suited for targeting sweat glands, while the upper skin layer and the structures beneath the subcutaneous fat remain untouched. In a number of cases, especially in case of a larger body mass, a treatment should be repeated one year later. The side effects are temporary (edema, pain, redness) in the treated area.
-> Price is 390.000 Ft/3 treatments, where the 3 treatments are necessary. Payment in details is possible. BOOK NOW

Injected treatment with botox
• we achieve an immediate reduction in perspiration production,
• this treatment, the efficiency of which has been proven, can alleviate even night sweats,
• as a result of the treatment perspiration decreases to a normal degree or might even cease almost completely, as long as the substance has its effects,
• painless and has long-term effects,
• side effects are rare and temporary, and in the case of the treatment of armpits, negligible.
We administer 15 injections during an average treatment with a thin needle, and we apply local anaesthesia if the patient so requests, although the treatment involves no real pain (in the case of treating the perspiration of soles and palms with injection, local anaesthesia is necessary by all means). Its effect lasts usually for 8 months in the case of the armpits and 6 months in the case of soles and palms, after the effect has worn off, perspiration returns to the pre-treatment level, that is, the patient will not perspire more heavily than before the treatment, this type of perspiration treatment does not influence normal daily activities; however, it is advisable to avoid sport activities during the 4 weeks following the treatment.
-> Price is from 110.000 Ft/ treatments, depending on the material used. BOOK NOW


• Tight and toned body (neck, arms, chest, belly, waistline, upper hips, lower and upper legs) and face,
• Long lasting effect – 1,5-2 years,
• 100% bio materials,
• Lifts and firms the sagging skin,
• The bio sutures used are not visible, there is no risk of their tearing, and there is no chance that they are too firm;
• It is almost painless and the risk of bleeding is also very low;
• It is an intervention that can be performed without cutting, and so no scars occur;
• There is no healing period; you can continue your daily routine immediately after the treatment;
• It can be combined with other treatments: PRP Dracula therapy, dermaroller, laser treatments.

Firm skin by using 100% bio substances. People’s skin starts to lose its elasticity relatively early, in their 30’s. During body contouring with FTC bio sutures we implant absorbable suture or sutures to under the skin, which have a proper firming effect on any part of the body. They also enhance collagen production in the skin, so that it becomes fresh, vibrant and firm. The treatment has a long-lasting effect, and it is also safe thanks to absorbable sutures. It can be applied with excellent results to treat the skin on the upper arm or to firm the sagging skin on the thighs or belly. 

During consultation we evaluate your condition, and then we recommend to you a personalized treatment with a customized price, adjusted to your needs. The intervention can be repeated if necessary, and a correction treatment is also available.

-> Price: from 70.000 HUF BOOK NOW


• Improve skin elasticity, firmness,
• Naturally stimulates the skin’s elastic fiber production,
• Tailor made active ingredients directly to your skin,
• Can be applied on the face, neck, the scalp as well as on the hand and décolletage,
• It slows down and prevents the aging of the skin;

• As a consequence of small micro-abrasions, the own collagen production of the skin is enhanced naturally;

• It makes the skin more stretchy and firm;

• Lightens pigment spots;

• It is equally recommended to ladies and gentlemen.

A new milestone in medical-cosmetic interventions. It has the outstanding advantage of being perfectly suitable for the treatment of any part of the body, and the active substances, which are implanted directly to the skin during the treatment, produce their effect exactly where it is the most needed. Active agents include hyaluronic acid, homeopathic substances and vitamins – these are adjusted to your age and skin type during the prior examination.
As the aging of the skin is visible as soon as in the 30s, many people use our mesotherapy treatment in their 20s, as prevention can be even more effective than the diminution, lightening and termination of the already appearing signs of aging.

We perform the treatment with local anesthesia, and so it only involves minimal inconveniencies. The result is based on the joint effects of the pinholes made by the needles and the active substances injected. The treatment allows for implanting anti-aging, skin tone improving, regenerating, hydrating, firming, pigment spot lightening, revitalizing and skin restructuring active agents and vitamins in a concentrated manner to under the skin surface. The use of the needles triggers the functioning of the immune system. To heal the small wounds, the body activates fibroblast cells which produce collagen, elastin and other elements forming the connective tissue, and so new tissues, with healthy and fresh cells, are produced.

We suggest 3 to 6 treatments with 2 weeks pauses, and then a maintenance therapy in every 3rd or 4th months.

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• Scarlet RF Radio Frequency Body Treatment with Micro-Needles,
• Tight and young skin everywhere, improves stretch marks,
• Fast and painless procedure,
• For anyone, regardless of gender and age, all year round,
• The skin regains its youth, freshness, consistency and flexibility, becomes firmer,
• It reduces the size and amount of pigment spots, smaller scars and acnes on the body;
• It reduces fat production and thereby efficiently prevents the occurrence of further pimples and acnes;
• The method can be applied successfully on any part of the body.

The ScarLet RF treatment makes possible contouring and firming in one treatment. With the help of micro-needles, we lead impulses to the middle parts of the skin, which support the skin’ own collagen and elastin production processes. The procedure can be carried out without surgery, causes only minimal injuries on the skin surface, and so the healing process is quick and almost completely painless. Even one treatment might be enough; however, for perfect results, we recommend 3 treatments.

-> Price: from 140.000 HUF , 3 TREATMENTS: 360.000 HUF NOW! 3 TREATMENTS FOR ONLY 252.000 HUF BOOK NOW


Medical-aesthetic procedures without surgery or incision
• Rejuvenating and renewing your skin swiftly and effectively
• Enhancement of the skin’s own natural processes
Our treatments with lasers and other instruments (radio frequency, ultrasound) offer quick, painless and long-term solution both for eliminating skin unevenness and rejuvenating the skin. As time flies, production of collagen and flexible fibers decreases, and in parallel the firmness of the skin is reduced and the skin becomes looser due to the decay of the subcutaneous connective tissue. Also, regenerating potency of the skin decreases over time, thus skin imperfections are more and more visible and permanent.

The Boulevard Medical Center offers an outstandingly broad range of instruments and other medical-aesthetic treatment machinery in order to provide effective treatment for skin imperfections and to slow down the aging process. Our instrumental facial treatments by lasers and other modern methods (fractional laser treatment, Gentle laser treatment, IPL, Scarlet microneedle radiofrequency treatment, HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound treatment etc.) induce the reproduction of collagen fibers responsible for the firmness of the connective tissues by continuous stimulation of the natural skin processes. Each treatment exert its effect in different layers of the skin, thus combining the treatments enables you to renew all layers of your skin and keep them young.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get rid of your pigments pots or pimple scars, nonetheless we can help if your skin is affected by dilated capillaries. 

The damaged vascular tissue is removed by the body and is replaced by newly developed collagen. A clean skin, free of redness and rosacea is the result of the IPL-treatment (the treatment has an anti-wrinkle effect, too). The visible result takes about 4-6 weeks to develop. Sometimes the optimal result is achieved by a single treatment but in most of the cases more (2-3) treatments are required. 2-4 treatments are required in cases of diffuse facial erythemas. Rosaceas, age spots, spider angiomas, dilated capillaries, haemangiomas and telangiectasias can be all treated successfully with IPL-treatment. The method is safe and effective. The skin will get even color and an enhanced tone following the treatment.
Before IPL-treatment a medical consultation is needed to discuss the area of treatment and the expected results. It is followed by a test treatment to determine the effective dose required for the patient. Sun exposure of the treated area is undesirable 2 weeks prior to treatment. The use of a solarium or a self-tan product is not recommended either. If you use any glycolic acid face wash product, please discontinue it 1 week prior to IPL-treatment. You have to stop taking Roaccutane, Sotret, Aknenormin, or any other similar product at least 6 months prior to the treatment.
-The treated area is cleaned. The patient should wear eye protection against the strong light that may damage the eye.
-The skin is covered with ultrasound gel. Sensitive patients may need local anesthetics before treatment.
-The predetermined most effective dose is used. The IPL hand piece is put on the skin covered with gel. The skin is treated with the intense light without damaging the surrounding tissues. If the treatment is performed without the use of anesthetics a light pinch sensation is typical on the skin. The skin is warm and a bit red for one hour following the IPL-treatment.
-The gel is removed from the treated area and cooled using ice gel packs after the treatment. A cooling pack may also be applied if necessary.

A slight redness may be observed for a couple of hours following the treatment. The vessels may look temporarily darker and the face may be a bit swollen following the treatment. The collagen development takes weeks so the vessels may even regenerate weeks after the treatment. So it takes more time to evaluate the final result. The areas of increased pigmentation first may look darker after the IPL-treatment. These pigments were in the skin layer that was brought to surface during the treatment, but it will disappear in a couple of days. The skin may look patchy for a couple of hours after the treatment but it can be covered with makeup. Sometimes, especially in cases of naturally darker skin, light or darker patches may be observed on the treated skin and it takes months for them to disappear.

The collagen-development is a relatively slow process, so the final result can be evaluated in 3 months after the last treatment. Sometimes the final result is seen much sooner. An ice –pack should be put on the treated skin at home to treat redness and burning sensation after IPL-treatment. The treatment should be continued using the cream recommended by your physician. You should use a sun protection product recommended by your physician between the treatments.

During IPL-treatment the treated skin:
-shouldn’t be scratched
-shouldn’t be put in a hot bath in 24 hours after the treatment
-shouldn’t be coated with perfume, oil, deodorant or any other cream not recommended by your physician in 48 hours after the treatment
-swimming is not allowed in pools treated by chlorine in 24 hours after the treatment
-extreme physical activities are not allowed in 24 hours after the treatment (sweating may irritate the treated skin)
-should be covered in solarium for a couple of months

-> Price: from 22.000 HUF BOOK NOW

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT
Fractional laser treatment is the ideal solution for young persons with acne scars and above 40 good result can be achieved in case of sun damage or signs of aging – wrinkles, colorless complexion, sun spots, age spots. The treatment is appropriate for facial rejuvenation in men and women equally. Fractional laser rejuvenation is extremely effective in the treatment of wrinkles under the eye, and the rejuvenation of the neck, hand and décolletage. The treatment has excellent results in the treatment of scars and striae. The new facial rejuvenation method is ideal essentially for those patients who can’t afford -since their job requirements or private obligations- to miss more than a couple of days (5-7) because of the side effects of a traditional laser peeling. 

-Improved skin tone and lifting-effect,
-visible effect after just a few treatments,
-fast, takes only 30 minutes,
-wrinkles disappear, acne scars and pigment disorders improve significantly,
-pores are compressed,
-skin is rejuvenated, induced new collagen formation (for 6 months following treatment).

With fractional laser treatment only a small fraction of the skin surface is removed. A computerized laser scanner keeps stabbing the skin evenly making thousands of small holes and generating microscopic treatment zones. There are untreated, healthy skin bridges between these holes that allow very rapid epithelisation. Therefore fractional laser treatment is much less painful with significantly shorter recovery period and decreased side effects compared to the traditional ablative laser treatment. Beyond these benefits laser beam penetrates deeply in the skin stimulating the production of collagen and elastin so the skin will be more elastic and juvenile, pores get smaller and more even, small wrinkles disappear and pigment disorders improve significantly.

A full facial treatment takes between 20-30 minutes. A local anesthesia is applied during the treatment with the single application of EMLA cream, or Lidocain cream or if available, with a cold air device. Patients may experience a mild burning and prickling sensation on the skin but all of the patients classified it as tolerable. In the first 2 hours following the treatment the patients feel like they have sunburn. The skin is reddish, overheated, swelling and burning. These symptoms quickly disappear if the skin is sprayed with thermal water and cooled off. 
The improved tone is immediately noticeable. The skin is evenly blushed following the laser treatment. Microscopically micro-points can be observed. Brown discoloration appears on the laser-treated areas in two days following the treatment then the upper layers of the skin flake off just like with peeling. Skin injuries and pigment patches can be dispersed this way. The healing process induces collagen formation in the deeper layers (6-12 weeks later) that improves skin’s tone too.

A significant improvement of the skin is observable right after the first treatment. A treatment, a little more aggressive than the above described can achieve an enormous improvement, 50-60% right after the first treatment. Usually 1-3 more treatments are required with at least 4 weeks or 5-6 weeks intervals, as the best. Keep in mind that collagen formation is slow; it takes about 10-12 weeks, so the optimal result is achieved in 3 months following the treatment. 

The use of thermal water based epidermal repairers, or spraying of thermal water is recommended immediately after the treatment. The application of topical steroids is not required.The skin gets reddish like following a sunburn. This may last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This symptom can be reduced by the application of a mask developed especially for laser treatments. You can treat your skin with appropriate products (e.g. thermal water spray). It is important to use high SPF products for weeks following the treatment.
1.-2. days after fractional laser rejuvenation the skin is red, swollen, the treated region have a punctual bronze appearance. You can cover these symptoms with make-up.
3.-4. day: The upper skin layer starts to flake off. A shiny, pink skin surface is appearing.
5.-6. day: The old skin has flaked off in most of the cases. The new skin has a visible intense color and much smoother texture. Go on with the treatment of your skin and use sun protection regularly.

-> Prices (recommended number of treatments is 3-6): BOOK NOW
-Complete face 95 000 HUF/occasion
-Cheeks 50 000 HUF/occasion
-Lower, upper eyelids 50 000 HUF/occasion
-Around the mouth 50 000 HUF/occasion
-Face + décolletage 160 000 HUF/occasion
-Face + neck 160 000 HUF/occasion
-Face + neck + décolletage 215 000 HUF/occasion
-Neck 85 000 HUF/occasion
-Décolletage 85 000 HUF/occasion
-Neck + décolletage 150 000 HUF/occasion
-Hand (2) 70 000 HUF/occasion
-Complete face 3 treatments package 250 000 HUF

– Effective and fast treatment
– Final result with 2-6 treatments
– Nice legs, confident appearance

First a couple of dilated capillaries appear then a group of vessels that looks like a brush, a wreath or a broom fades out the skin; spider veins may be annoying cosmetically but they may cause a burning sensation, pain or tension. Spontaneous recovery shouldn’t be expected and since these vessels are damaged functionally too the removal of spider veins or varicose veins is harmless. Nd:YAG laser is applied for the treatment of reticular and spider varicose veins.

During the laser treatment of varicose veins the light of the laser is absorbed by the blood’s hemoglobin circulating within the vessel inducing warming up. The warming up damages the treated vein wall; therefore the vein wall sticks together and are ultimately absorbed by the body. Laser light can pass through the upper layers of the skin without damaging them so the removal of varicose and spider veins may be performed safely without any side effects. It may be used when injection therapy is not able to block the vein or in case of fine vessel networks developed as a consequence of the injection treatment. Laser treatment of varicose veins and spider veins without local anesthetics is usually unpleasant or painful. You should expect some pain especially when varicose veins located in the deeper layers of the skin are treated and no efficient local anesthesia is used. To soothe the pain and increase your comfort a very effective sapphire contact probe is cooled within the laser unit that cools down the surface of the skin during laser or IPL treatment. Due to the cooling of the treated skin patients with reduced pain threshold may be treated without local anesthesia and children may be treated without sedation. Patients usually require 2-6 treatments to achieve the expected result, i.e. the disappearance of the varicose vein or the spider vein. Treatments last for 15-30 minutes. You can go on with your regular duties right after the laser treatment of varicose vein and spider vein but the use of sun protection products is highly recommended.

Preparations for the treatment
Direct sunlight, solariums, tanning creams and lotions should be avoided 4 weeks prior to the removal of varicose veins or spider veins and during the whole treatment period to achieve better results and avoid unwanted side effects. If the skin area to be treated is exposed to direct sunlight we recommend the use of broad spectrum sun protection (minimum SPF is 30) without exception.

Post-treatment skin care
Don’t scrub or scratch the treated area following the treatment of varicose vein and spider vein. Don’t swim and don’t use pools until pigment changes are visible. Apply antibacterial cream twice a day on the affected skin area until pigment changes are present. Don’t shave the affected area in case of peeling. Don’t pick peeling skin. Use moisturizers and leave the peeling skin to fall off spontaneously. If peeling has stopped you can use make-up on your skin. Ice compress may ease your discomfort following the treatment of varicose vein and spider vein. If any suspicion of infection (flushing, increased sensitivity, suppuration) emerges consult with the medical center immediately. If the skin area to be treated is exposed to direct sunlight we recommend the use of broad spectrum sun protection (minimum SPF is 30).

-> Prices:
recommended number of treatments is 4 BOOK NOW

-1-200 impulses 30 000 HUF/occasion
-201-400 impulses 50 000 HUF/occasion
-401-600 impulses 67 000 HUF/occasion
-601-1000 impulses 80 000 HUF/occasion

While during traditional tattooing pigments are implanted to the deepest layer of the skin, in the case of makeup tattooing pigments are implanted at the border of the middle skin layer – epidermis and dermis – with the needle. This means that unlike life-long body tattoos, these gradually fade away in a few years.
Many people having a tattoo wish to have it removed after a few years, for different reasons. Removal was used to be carried out with plastic surgery before, but nowodays laser light can reach pigment particles even in the deepest layers of the skin. As pigment particles absorb light energy, they explode, and so pigment density weakens and finally, after a therapy consisting of a few treatments, it disappears. Treatments have to be repeated a few times, on the 5th or 6th week after the healing of the given skin surface treated, during which time pigments gradually fade and eventually, the skin regains its natural color. The area treated may be tattooed again 2 weeks after the last laser removal treatment.

Areas and number of occassions needed, days out between treatments:
– eyebrows, 2 to 5 occasions, 30-60 days,
– eyelids, 2 to 5 occasions, 45-60 days,
– lipliners, 2 to 5 occasions, 15-45 days,
– on the body, 2 to 6 occasions, 30-60 days.

Advantages of removal with laser:
– No harmful deformities (e.g. scar, color difference),
– Unlike in the case of other laser removal methods, only a slight pain may occur during laser removal.
– A few occasions are enough for removal, and so the procedure is quick.

Before the treatment…
– It is worth removing hair on the area to be treated.
– You should not sunbath, use the solarium or any self-tanning creams in the two weeks before the treatment.
– As of the day preceding the treatment, do not use any make-up, antiperspirants and body lotion on the affected area.
– Do not wear any jewelry on the area to be treated.

How is removal carried out?
The skin surface to be treated is cleaned before the treatment. Only dry skin surface can be treated. In the case of removing a smaller tattoo, anesthesia is not necessary, as only a slight stingy, burning feeling may occur. If you are rather sensitive to pain, then of course we apply local analgesia in the form of an anesthetic cream. Treatment parameters are adjusted to your skin type and the colors of the tattoo. The duration of a treatment depends on the size of the tattoo: it may take 30 to 140 minutes. Laser can access the layers under the skin surface so as to remove pigmented alterations. Pigments get more and more lighter and then they disappear.

After removal…
– a slight redness, stingy feeling, scaling or blisters may appear,
– after blisters have disappeared, the area must be treated the same way as burns are treated.
– A white coating may occur on the treated area, which will peel off later.
– After the treatment, it is advisable to apply an icy bandage or cold pack for 1 or 2 hours.
– It is suggested to use sunblock cream on the treated area regularly.

-> PricesBOOK NOW
– Eyebrow tattoo removal – 2 sides 15 000 HUF/occasion
– Lip contour removal 15 000 HUF/occasion